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Ravil Karimov

Ravil Karimov  - a master luthier of the highest caliber. In his work, he draws upon the finest achievements of past masters such as Herman Hauser (1882-1952), Jose Ramirez (1885-1957), and Ignacio Fleta (1897-1977). With such illustrious roots, Ravil Karimov's craftsmanship has produced exquisite instruments: his guitars represent another significant step forward in the world of guitar-making.

Ravil Karimov pays special attention to the soundboard setup, making his guitars possess a powerful sound and rich tonal quality, as you can hear for yourself by listening to recordings on our website. In addition to their exceptional sound, these guitars are aesthetically stunning and impress with their quality and attention to detail.

You can order a guitar from Ravil Karimov through our website or by contacting him directly. His contact information can be found on our contact page.

Guitar crafted by Ravil Karimov
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