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Vasiliy Antipov

Vasiliy Antipov  - Composer, Guitarist, Lutenist, and Musical Theorist. On this website, you can explore not only his original compositions for solo guitar but also his selection of compositions by other authors of various levels of complexity (from the simplest to the most intricate). All sheet music is formatted according to the standards of this project, meaning they feature two parallel lines - standard notation and tablature. This sheet music format significantly simplifies the exploration of compositions for those who have learned to play through tablature and may not be well-versed in classical notation.

For his own music, Vasiliy Antipov has developed a special technique that involves using the thumb of the left hand, akin to how cellists do. Using this technique, he was able to significantly expand the polyphonic and harmonic capabilities of the guitar.


Vasiliy Antipov actively manages his YouTube channel, which you can explore by following this link.

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