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Anna Inozemceva

Anna Inozemceva  is a composer, guitarist, photographer, and artist. Her primary body of work is a collection of compositions for solo guitar. Technically, these pieces are not overly complex - they are very comfortable and enjoyable to perform. Musically, these compositions reveal the less obvious capabilities of the guitar - the constant use of different strings creates a pedal-like effect, more characteristic of harps, zithers, and other apollonian-type instruments. The pieces in this collection are united into a cycle: the narrative thread of the cycle unfolds from piece to piece, thus by the end of the cycle, the listener intuitively becomes engaged in a hidden drama, which nevertheless remains somewhat offstage. This quality makes this cycle worthy of attention not only for enthusiasts but also for professional musicians capable of delicately voicing hidden meanings. The entire cycle could constitute a single section of a concert.


As previously mentioned, Anna Inozemceva is not only a composer but also an artist and photographer. You can view her works in these fields on this page. Anna accepts orders not only for performing her music but also for paintings and photographs. Her contact information can be found in the contacts section.

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