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The first page of Anna Inozemceva's collection of compositions

Anna Inozemceva's collection of guitar pieces represents a rare collaboration between two artists: a composer and an artist. The design of the collection was created by the artist Evgeny Ponomarenko, and the collection includes several of his works: "Shadows on the Snow", "Tango", "Above the Black Sea", "Warm October", "Pier", "Night Liturgy", and "Aurum". On our website, you have the opportunity to order originals and copies of these and other works by the artist, as well as the option to order a physical copy of the collection, personally signed by both artists for you. 

Anna Inozemceva's collection comprises 23 pieces, available for purchase both individually and as a complete set: 

1. Into The Clouds

2. The Way To Sunrise

3. Dance

4. On The Edge

5. Tenderness In Your Eyes

6. Farewell

7. About Spring

8. Follow Me With Your Eyes

9. Sun In a Pocket

10. Winter Romance

11. Running Seconds

12. Well It’s All

13. Eternity Is Not a Time

14. Last Day Of Summer

15. Rain Story

16. Lullaby

17. Reflected In Itself

18. Whirling

19. Mime Is Dancing Tango

20. Autumn Etude

21. From Nowhere To Nowhere

22. A Girl and The Sea

23. Bells

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