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The sheet music for Vasiliy Antipov's composition "Trio"

Vasiliy Antipov:  Trio for flute, violin and guitar

Vasiliy Antipov's "Trio for flute, violin and guitar" is a structurally complex, polytonal, polymetric, and polyrhythmic composition. The composer has encapsulated the work in a specially crafted integrated form. The Trio's material continually evolves, taking on various forms. Starting from the middle and almost until the end of the first part, polytonal surges alternate with "ordinary" ones, creating a deceptive sense of harmonic identity for the listener. The sheet music includes both the score and separate parts.

In the provided recording, you can listen to the Trio performed by Asya Safikhanova (flute), Yulia Orlova (violin), and Vasiliy Antipov (guitar).

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